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PR37078TW 3/4"CX 6' PIPE INSULATION | Tundra closed-cell polyethylene foam semi-slit pipe insulation is used in residential and light commercial plumbing projects to prevent heat loss and protect pipes from freezing. It is available in wall thicknesses of 3/8 to 1 in sizes ranging from 3/8 in up to 4 in IPS ID. Tundra is available to the trade in 6 ft L and also sold in limited sizes through retail stores across North America. Tundra has a low thermal conductivity and very low water vapor transmission rate. This low density product demonstrates excellent thermal, physical and chemical resistant properties and has a broad service temperature range between -297 deg F and 200 deg F (-183 deg C and 93 deg C). It can be installed in residential and light commercial plumbing projects. It is acceptable for use with heat tracing/heat tape.