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ETC2 EZ SHIM BLK SHEET OF 10 | Whether you're leveling outdoor architecture, an award winning salt water aquarium or breaking ground on a cutting edge, light steel frame construction project, EZ-Shim are engineered to support and last, We've put our shims to the test to compare their load capacity with ordinary pine and cedar shims. EZ-Shim is able to consistently support up to 8000 psi. Additionally, the thin end of the shim can handle just about the same amount of weight as the thickest part, which is not the case with regular wood shims. EZ-Shim are quality engineered for consistency, durability and ease-of-use. Waterproof shims won't shrink, warp, split, rot, mold, mildew or wither away due to the special blend of high impact styrene used in their manufacture.