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MODA Supply box system is designed to meet the needs of plumbing contractors for washing machine, ice maker, lavatory, toilet, dishwasher and SureVent® air admittance valve applications. A universal single box platform provides maximum versatility, installation simplicity and rugged reliability. MODA Supply box system is the ultimate solution for speed and flexibility. Oatey MODA™ washing machine outlet boxes shall be used in residential or commercial applications requiring supply valves and a waste drain recessed in the wall. The MODA™ washing machine assembly contains a valve box and a drain box, connected by inter-locking wing flanges that can be easily disassembled and re-assembled. The inter-locking wing flanges shall allow installation on a single stud, between two studs or on separate walls, without the need for additional components. Valves shall be a two-piece design, permitting field replacement and shall be secured with a stainless steel retention clip. Valves are available