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SWAN Element Contractor FARM ELCF58100 Water Hose, 100 ft L | Whether you need a hose to supply water on a large area or to maintain a strong water flow, this element contractor farm garden hose is capable of both of these functions. The 100 ft length of this element farm hose is great for use in large stables and the 5/8 in Dia creates enough pressure to wash the most stubborn dirt and manure off the sow and piglets with or without a spray nozzle. Functionality is not the only feature of this 5/8 in 100 ft garden hose it also has some outstanding durability characteristics that allow for extensive use in tough conditions that usually inflict high wear and tear on other types of water hoses. No matter if you are running a farm, ranch, landscaping project or a construction site, this element contractor and farm hose will become a reliable tool of choice for many difficult and challenging tasks you encounter.