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5/4X4-18' AZEK **SLOTTED RABBETED** FRONTIER PVC TRIM BOARD WHITE (Actual size 1"x3-1/2"x216") | With rabbeted edges, this one-piece trim board is designed to ease siding installation and deliver a crisp fa├žade around windows and doors. Rabbeted AZEK Trim also makes installation easier and provides a clean finish.
Beautiful and long-lasting, AZEK Trim is a more workable and durable replacement to traditional wood in non-stress and non-load-bearing applications. It is easily milled, routed and heat formed for exquisite custom looks or curved applications. AZEK Trim does not require paint for protection but is easily painted for aesthetic purposes. AZEK Bernard's stocks the Frontier features a rustic, woodgrain appearance.
AZEK trim also comes with protective film to ensure that it looks as beautiful on homes as it does when it leaves our facilities, Classic AZEK Trim comes with Protective Film to preserve the crisp white semi-matte finish on the Frontier finishes. The film protects o