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The Strong-Drive SDWC Truss screw provides a stud-to-bottom plate or stud-to-top plate connection as well as fastening trusses and rafters to top plates. The full-threaded shank engages the entire length of the fastener, providing a secure connection. The SDWC is tested in accordance with ICC-ES AC233 (screw) and AC13 (wall assembly and roof-to-wall assembly) for uplift and lateral loads between wall plates and vertical wall framing and between the top plate and the roof rafters or trusses. It is code listed under IAPMO-UES ER-262 and meets 2015 and 2018 IRC® and IBC® code requirements for several common wood framing applications.
(500) Strong-Drive SDWC screws
(2) Matched-tolerance driver bits (part no. BIT30T-2; also sold separately)
(2) Metal installation guide tools
SDWC-GUIDE (for SDWC15600 only)