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1X4-16' FIR BEADED CEILING C&BTR MIXED GRAIN | CHEBOYGAN ONLY! (1x4 Fir Beaded Ceiling isn't stocked at the other three stores)
1x4 C&BTR Mixed Grain Douglas Fir Beaded Ceiling clears are renowned for their strength, durability, and ability to stand up to the elements. In addition to its strength, Douglas Fir has rich coloring with the heartwood aging to a dark tan-red color and the sap wood remaining light tan. C&BTR Mixed Grain, clear Douglas Fir is widely considered to be one of the finest materials available for trim, moulding, doors, windows, exposed beams, ceilings and paneling. Douglas Fir CVG flooring has been used throughout the US since the 1800's and is often found in classic historic homes.