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01-0812 ULTRA WHITE SOLID ACRYLIC STAIN PRO.VT GAL | Cabot solid color acrylic siding stain is an advanced technology, 100% acrylic solid color stain formulated to have superior performance properties for the professional user. Solid color acrylic siding stain is a heavily pigmented and exceptionally thick wood siding stain, delivering greater opacity than conventional solid color stains. The result is smoother spread, better coverage and superb handling when applied by either brush or sprayer. In addition, this product has been developed and tested for use in colder temperatures, extending the exterior maintenance season for professionals in cooler climates. Cabot solid color acrylic siding stain covers previously painted or stained surfaces in just one coat, improving project completion time and maximizing labor efficiencies. Cabot solid color acrylic siding stain is so advanced it does not require the use of a primer coat on non-extractive prone wood species such as pine, white ceda