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#LTB20 2x8-10 16" O.C. Tension Bridging 22Ga EACH | TB — tension-type bridging with maximum nailing flexibility. Use just two of the seven nail holes at each end.
Support floor joists with a depth-to-thickness ratio of six or more with bridging at intervals not exceeding 8'. If span is greater than 8', install on 2x8 or larger joists. If span is greater than 16', use more than one pair.
Tension bridging works only in tension, so must be used in cross pairs.
Install bridging tightly; loose installation may allow floor movement.
NCA may be installed before or after sheathing, from the top or bottom. Simply locate the bend line approximately 1" from the joist edge.
NCA has nail holes in one end for use if a prong is bent during installation. Fully seat nails (0.131" x 1 1/2") if they are used; otherwise, they may lead to squeaks.
TB requires two 0.148" x 1 1/2" fasteners per end.